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w00p de d00000

Heylo there ^_^ Not updated for a while...well a few dayz...buuuut ya know :oP

Fwagagagaggagaga >:o) Band practise tommorow...lmao, Band Practise :oP Hehehe sounds silly..anyhoodles yes, Band Practise ^_^ We stiiiill neeed bloody name, we can't not have one otherwise we'll be thebandwithnoname forever...although theres already a band called that O.o Should really go do some jammin now...need to get that F#m chord right...tis very hard O.o lol

Been doin stuff to my webbie wahey ^_^ Deleted aallll of my old one :-O no0o0o0o0...well yess...and started from scratch :oD w000, tis very cool...not tellin anyone the address till I'm done (although the address isn't exactly that important...lol hehehhe :oP)

Weeelll...toodles x0x0x

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