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Hiiyar :oD SIMPLE PLAN LAST NIGHT! WITH SOPH! omg, twas amazing...waaaaaahey ^_^ Really really cool, still can't believe I met her LoL :oP But bein with Soph and Loz...wooow or what :oP

Hehe, we got in the pit at the front...twas kinda scary :oS LoL, we got really near the front coz we wanted to be near for when they actually came on (this was juts after the support band had gone off) so we got to the front, but there was loadza pushin and shoving and stuff, and we kinda ended up on the floor :oS Which is NOT good, coz people tread on you and you get sat on and all that....we managed to get up eventually though, but we'd kinda lost Loz (but she was with her mate which was cool) so we went to the back coz we were very squished lol :oP But it was quite an experience, but I spose thats what you get! :oP

Buuuut yar, so cool :oD Sooooooooo much fun too, with Sofa, Me, Loz and Haff rock on :oD Got a t~shirt aswell, wahey :oD Ahh I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN :oD And and AND Loz met um...Sebastion (??) and the other guy Geff I think it was (probably completel wrong lol, but there ya gooo :P) in Birmingham before! Sooo jealous...hehhe :P We (Me Haff and Soph) were waitin in McDonalds for ages for her lol, but ooh well :oD aw000p ^_^ *dances*

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