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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
3:58 pm - Hiiiiiiiiiyarz

heylooo there! :D wooah, haven't been on here for a while...hmmm...

This computer has been very silly lately, Dads had to like wipe most programs and stuff so I haven't got msn (but its still on the PC upstairs) aaannnd I've had to put all my files and music and stuff on CDs coz he's gonna completely wipe the computer...:oS Soooo yesh...

* B r A n D - n E w ! ! ! * AARGH, got Your Favourite Weapon a few days ago...SUCH an AMAZING album! :D w00p de d0000....and MCR album is still incredible :D:D:D

Hah, the Trampoline came a week ago, tis very cool indeed...been on it loadz man, hehehe :P Boooing de boooooooiiinng...


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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
2:05 pm - (8) Whats the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay...
So long and goodnight, so long and goodniiiiiiiight...(8)

Ahhh, My Chemical Romance <3<3 Got their album yesterday, tis seriously amazing :D In love with Helena at the moment...tis one awesome song man! And the video rocks sooo much...oh I love Gerard <3 :D

woohoo, we ordered a Trampoline yesterday!!! How cool is that...sooo happy lol O.o SHould come in about a week I think, but Dad said he probbaly won't put it up till about Easter :( Ahhh well *bounces*

Meh, should really go and do some work or something...revision meh O.o >:( Think I've got a Science test soon...argh :( But BUUUT, I did do a Maths test (like a proper one, with the 3 papers and all that...Calculator, none Calculator and Mental...) and I didn't really revsise...I got a level 8 :D:D wah0o0o, very pleased with that...apparently I got the highest in the class :oS O.o looolll :P

and wahhey, asked Mum if I could start learnin Drums, and she seemed to think that was fine :D Coz I'm only havin Flute lessons at the moment, so it wouldn't be tooo much :D:D:D:D Yaaayy, sooo happy :D:D:D She said she'll talk to my music teacher about it at parents evening next week O.o Heheh, should be interesting...hmmm

(8) You'll never make me leave, I wear this on my sleeeeve, give me a reason to beliieeeve...(8) <3

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Monday, February 28th, 2005
5:04 pm - wah0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o


Haven't updated since Simple Plan...ARRGH, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to join a community or somethin...meh, will go browsing in a minuter, see if I can find one suitable...ya see, there all so bit, sooo...:o| But ahh well, I'm sure I'll find one hehehe :D That SP one Nat showed me looked good...but there was like 50 guzillion members :oS lol

(8) Move into the kitchen, gonna eat me alot of peaches...(8)

Hahah, luff this one...Soph sent me all the Busted covers and extra songs she had (coz I had none O.o) lol, so I have my playlist on Windows Media "Busted Extra Songs" or somethin...wah0o0o0

(8) Millions of peaches, peaches for me....(8)

PEACHES! Haven't had a peach for yonkies donkies...O.o hmmm

Tooooodles x0x0x0x

current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
5:18 pm - w00ty w00

Hiiyar :oD SIMPLE PLAN LAST NIGHT! WITH SOPH! omg, twas amazing...waaaaaahey ^_^ Really really cool, still can't believe I met her LoL :oP But bein with Soph and Loz...wooow or what :oP

Hehe, we got in the pit at the front...twas kinda scary :oS LoL, we got really near the front coz we wanted to be near for when they actually came on (this was juts after the support band had gone off) so we got to the front, but there was loadza pushin and shoving and stuff, and we kinda ended up on the floor :oS Which is NOT good, coz people tread on you and you get sat on and all that....we managed to get up eventually though, but we'd kinda lost Loz (but she was with her mate which was cool) so we went to the back coz we were very squished lol :oP But it was quite an experience, but I spose thats what you get! :oP

Buuuut yar, so cool :oD Sooooooooo much fun too, with Sofa, Me, Loz and Haff rock on :oD Got a t~shirt aswell, wahey :oD Ahh I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN :oD And and AND Loz met um...Sebastion (??) and the other guy Geff I think it was (probably completel wrong lol, but there ya gooo :P) in Birmingham before! Sooo jealous...hehhe :P We (Me Haff and Soph) were waitin in McDonalds for ages for her lol, but ooh well :oD aw000p ^_^ *dances*

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
12:03 pm - HEEEYY!!!
*is very very very ploffely*

NFG on SATURDAY!!! OMG, twas absolutely AMAZING!!! My short account of it...(man I do account for everythin! lol...hehe)


OMG, twas absolutely AMAZING :oD Soo Twas as good as Green Day! Just incredible...we were in the pit ya see, was kinda my firt time in a pit (wasn't in one at Greenday :oP) and it was so brill...gettin pushed around and stuff...such a good atmosphere ^_^

The Explosion & Hot Water Music supported, they were pretty good actually :oD Hadn't actually heard anythin by them before, but...no Homegrown though :'o( Was really looking forward to them...oooh well

And NFG themselves were incredible...sang all the best songs ^_^ Failures Not Flattering (first), Understatement, Head On Collision, I Don't Wanna Know, Your Biggest Mistake, Glory Of Love (omg, didn't think they'd sing this...SUCH a great cover \m/), Intro & All Downhill From Here, Hit & Miss, Dressed To Kill, The Story So Far, and looaaadz more (which I can't remember lol :oP) and then they sang My Friends Over You last (knew they would!) :oD Twas utter A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-N-E-S-S...

Met Loz ^_^ lol, Vic was gettin really worried at the begining coz Loz wasn't there and she had my ticket ya see...and we were just about to go in :oP Then she came...we put our bags in the locker room things...and we kinda lost her :oS But she was with her mate, so it ws okay...but she tried to text (I found out coz I got the messages like at 10 when we were on the way home...:oS) but near the end we found her again, which was okay :oD LoL, I was sayin to Vic "Look out for a white cap" coz she had one on...:oP

Buuurt yeah, twas amazing :oD Cannot wait till Simple Plan now :oD


aw0o0o0gar! :oD Incredible it was...got very squished and sqaushed and bashed and boshed...but was worth it :oD Soooo good being in the pit at the front...such a experience! :oP But my Converses got very mucky...from all the people who trod on them...hehe :oP Don't know if I wanna wash them now..preserve the memory of New Found Glory dirt forever...ahhhh ^_^

And AND AND...HAFF COMIN TO SIMPLE PLAN!!! :oD So she'll be able to meet Sofa with meeeee...aw0o0o0gar :oD Sooo many people comin..a looaad of Lozzelle's frineds are goin, and the guy she met...tis gonna be AWESOME :oD CANNOT wait...seriously I can't *bounces up and down* WHHHHOOOOOO

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
7:55 pm - w00p de d00000

Heylo there ^_^ Not updated for a while...well a few dayz...buuuut ya know :oP

Fwagagagaggagaga >:o) Band practise tommorow...lmao, Band Practise :oP Hehehe sounds silly..anyhoodles yes, Band Practise ^_^ We stiiiill neeed bloody name, we can't not have one otherwise we'll be thebandwithnoname forever...although theres already a band called that O.o Should really go do some jammin now...need to get that F#m chord right...tis very hard O.o lol

Been doin stuff to my webbie wahey ^_^ Deleted aallll of my old one :-O no0o0o0o0...well yess...and started from scratch :oD w000, tis very cool...not tellin anyone the address till I'm done (although the address isn't exactly that important...lol hehehhe :oP)

Weeelll...toodles x0x0x

current mood: tired

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Saturday, February 5th, 2005
1:45 pm - My Hello Kitty Icon....


I did it on paint...tis a bit pathetic...but ooooh well, I'm proud of it lol :P No way as good as the ones Splat does...

current mood: Proud

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1:31 pm - 1 WEEK TILL NFG ^_^ :D\m/

(8) You go out on Friday night, I'll stay in but thats alright (8)

LUFF this song :D

Annyhoodles..haven't been here for a while...O.o Goin Ice Skatin this afternoooon :oS Dunno what I'll do coz I cannot skate...but oooooh well, will probably just stand at the side and hold on to the bar lol :P


* Now they say, that absence,
makes the heart, grow fonder.
Now im back, and you've changed,
and your life is so strange.
And now after, can you, look in my eyes
and tell me, honestly
(I'll head back to the only life i know)
that you are the true to play with my world,
(I'll head back to the only life I........
And i say absence makes the heart grow fonder


Duffus ~ The Great Mistake \m/ Absolutely AWESOME song :D In love with it at the moment, tis incredible...:D

1 WEEK TILL NFG!! And HOMEGROWN supporting!! WAHEY or what :D

current mood: okay

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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
(the Big Gig = a gig thing we had at our school on Wednesday night with loadza really weird and random artists there...was quite cool really :D Really good fun...:D)


Twas last night at our school…we had loadza random artists round singing…it was all for charity which was cool :D But yeah, over all it was really quite good! :D Soooo much fun, even if some of the people there were kinda rubbish lol :P

Sooo yes, kicked off at 7 ish, Last Man Standing came on first (btw, if you’ve never heard of any of these people, don’t worry...I haven’t either lol :P Only these guys go to our school sooo…I kinda know them :P) They were pretty good…although they sounded sooooo much like Blink 182 O.o The second song they sang sounded exactly like Stockholm Syndrome by Blink, which wasn’t too good…and the lead singer sounded exactly like Tom (it coulda been Tom voice! It was just sooo much like it) Buut yes..they were cool :D They had awesome gear though, the Bassist (who was obviously a Mark wannabe lol :P) had an awesome Pink Bass (like Marks \m/) and had a Blink sticker on it…and he had Blink socks!!! Wahey, they rocked :D:D And Tom guy (he’s actually called Tom!!! He looks soooo much like him LoL :P) had an amazing guitar…loooaaadz stickers on it: Blink, Famous Stars and Straps, Atticus and all that, it rocked :D:D Got a Last Man Standing badge tooo…Lann found it for me on the floor lol :D Buuut enough about them…

Next was…um…I can’t really remember an order lol :P There was a girl called Charlotte who went to our school I think…O.o She was ok, sang one song. Then Phil Upton came on (he’s the presenter of BRMB ~ the radio station in Birmingham) and said…he’s very cool :P The HOLAH I think came on…they were ok, kinda weird though :P Then it was Excess 2 or something…a really weird name O.o They were ok again…then Dragon Heart were on. Now they’re kinda a lot bigger so you might have heard of them, got some weird bloke form Brookside in it lol :P They were better, although 2 of them /really/ couldn’t sing…then the Glitzy Girls. Now they were weird…that’s the point were everyone got up to dance and stuff at the front, so we got up for a laugh :P Twas funny…lol :P

Thheeeen D-Rail came on (you might of heard of them…they’re in the charts at the moment I think O.o) and they were better (still like reallly cheesy pop and stuff…lol :P) and this was the point where I was extremly hyper and was really trying to get one of the guys from D-Rail to look at me…:P Jumpin up and down screamin, waving my cap everywhere…lmao :P One of them winked at me twice ^_^ But the others didn’t…lol :P Sooo yeah, they were alright :D

Theeeeen The Noise Next Door came on :D I learnt all their names!!! And I could tell the difference between them….hehehe >is proud< They were very good :) Craig kept looking at me and Haff….wahey :D:D:D They sang Lock Up your Daughter, another one of theirs and Calender Girl :P Really quite cool they were :D I touched Ed’s hand ^_^ wahey :D And Scott threw out his drum sticks…I didn’t get them meh >:o( :P Then it finished…

Buuuut afterwards, The Noise Next Door and D-Rail came to do some sigin, which rocked :) Got a D-Rail signed leaflet thing LoL :P Then me & Haff were at Ed TNND, and Haff said “So you like Greenday?” and he was like “Yeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” and we said “ooooh we saw them on Sunday!!!” and he said “woooow, coool!” then I showed him my Green Day hoody I had with me…and he was like “woooww!!!” and he jumped onto the stage and held it up! And waved it around and stuff!!! I was like O.o :D:D:D:D Twas soooo funny….but soo coool!!! LoL :P

Then we were at Scott in TNND, and we’d saw that he was wearin a Famous Stars and Straps sweatbadn, so we were like ooooooh coool! And I was wearin my FSAS cap you see….you Haff said to him “hey, d’ya like her hat?” coz we thought he might like it…havin the same sweatband and all…and he kinda stared at me, looked me up and down a few times lmao :P And said “are you a fan of Good Charlotte by any chance?” And I was like “eerrrmmm…kinda, why?” “Oh, coz of ya hat and your t~shirt and stuff….” And we were like O.o He musta got really confused lol :P Coz I was wearin my Atticus t~shirt sooo…I dunno lol :P Heheh, and he signed Haffa’s card thing “To Haff” lmao :P:P wahey :D:D:D

Buuuut yes, twas soooo much fun overall :D Even if there were kinda weird artists there…really good fun :D:D Aaand sooo happy!! :D HE HELD UP MY HOODY! :P Hehe

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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
5:36 pm - Another quiz...
Hehe, these quiz's are sooo fun :D All from Splat's LJ though....:P ^_^

You scored as United States. The world’s your fucking oyster and you’re going to fucking eat it the way you fucking want when you fucking want it and whoever gets in your way can go to fucking hell.




United States


Great Britain






What country are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

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5:28 pm - Hehehehe, made this piccyture...


Was really bored lol...I think its kinda funny O.o I did the speech bubbles by the way...:P

current mood: artistic

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5:25 pm - Hogwarts Sorting Quiz ^_^
You scored as Gryffindor. You have been sorted into Gryffindor! You're brave, loyal, and perhaps a little short tempered- if someone says or does something you don't like, you'll make sure they know- and everyone else too- regardless of the consequences.










The Hogwarts Sorting Hat!
created with QuizFarm.com

w0000t :D:D Sooo happy ^_^

current mood: happy

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5:03 pm - Heeeeyy people ^_^

Today was good...still tired *yawns* Really should go to bed early...but havew loadza homework to do meh >:(

Really wanna go back to Green Day...:'( But as Splattio said..."don't cry because its over, smile because it happened!" :) Made me feel alot better...:D:D:D

AAAARGH, so tired...*falls asleep in chair* Meh, I better go soon...do some homework and stuff....GAAAARGH DE GARGH O.o

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Monday, January 24th, 2005
5:37 pm - OMG, GREENDAY!!!
My account...:'oD

* G r E e N d A y *

Seriousy AMAZING last night, absolutely incredible…:o| Just…too good for words really :P ^_^

Weelll…we set off at about 6:15 ish, got there at about 6:45 I think…when we got there, we had to meet up with Vic my sister and all her friends coz she wanted us to take their bags and stuff off them, coz they were standing soooo…yeah, we got all their coats and bags O.o There was kinda loadz, we had to carry them round with us meh >:o( but ooooh well. Yeah, then we met up with Loz, we found her in her seat :P Went to the loo, and just hung with her for a while :D Sooooo cool…^_^ Then we all went to the merch stall…I was gonna buy some awesome gloves, like the ones with no ends to the fingers…but they sold out :o( Meh…so brought a…um “Lanyard” or whatever…tis a stap thing you put round your neck with you keys or phone and stuff on, very cool indeed :D Says Green Day on it, with the heart grenade thing…:D\m/ It rocks…got out of the queue, and realised New Found Glory had started playin O.o LoL, so said bye to Loz, we’d meet her at the interval thing, and ran to our seats :D

NFG were soooo incredibly awesome :D Seriously cannot wait to see them again in Feb :D:D:D They sang: the first song…couldn’t work out what it was coz we kinda came in late and were too busy getting to our seats to listen :P LoL. Understatement, Failures Not Flattering, Head On Collision, I Don’t Wanna Know, Better Off Dead, Dressed To Kill, one I didn’t know…and then Intro staright into All Downhill From Here :D \m/ Twas soooo awesome, but the best thing is, my sister and her friends met them!

Right, they were in Birmingham before, just goin round the shops…and Vic saw them in Superdrug! Lmao :P She said one of them was buyin some mints for his breath…hehe :P But yeah, they chatted to them and stuff…she said they were really nice ^_^ :D Soooo wish I’ve gone with them with Haff….meh >:o( But ooooh well, sounded like fun :D:D:D

Sooo, after NFG we went off to find Loz again, and we just hung around for a while, met some of her mates who were comin to see NFg with me & Loz…^_^ Then we went back not our seats and just waited for Green Day…I phoned Soph :D Told her that Simple Plan weren’t supporting…:o( But I said I’d ring her in more songs :D:D:D She had a chat to Haff, then we just waited…

And when they came on….omg, it was just amazing :’D I seriously couldn’t belive it was them…Billie Mike & Tre :D Billie was wearin his black shirt and red/pink tie (like in the American Idiot vid), Tre his black shirt and white tie (like in the vid aswell) and Mike his kinda black vest top and black trousers with the red stripes down the legs (like in the vidoe aswell me thinks! :P) Absolutely amaqzing…the first song they sang was American Idiot, which got everyone going :P And then they sang more songs off there new one; the whole of Jesus Of Suburbia, Holiday (I rang Sofa for the whole of it :D) the Are We The Waiting, and St Jimmy :D Then they sang Longview and various other songs I can’t remember in order: Brain Stew, Basket Case, She, King For A Day, Hitchin A Ride, one I didn’t know…O.o Minority, When I Come Around, Wake Me Up When September Ends, and probably more but I can’t remember…O.o

I took quite a few piccies…:D:D:D A lot kinda happened during the performing lol :P Billie got out 2 water pistols and started sprayin the crowd :P Then he got this guys up on stage to help him…heheh :P Billie also did a stage dive, but no-one really caught him O.o all these people were like pulling at him ,and when he was back on the stage he’d lost his tie and his shirt had all come undone…very nice chest :D He went and put a zippy hoody thing on, which was cool :D We did loadza “Oi oi oi”s and oooooeeeeaaaaa things…which was fun :D And loadza 1 ,2 , 1,2,3,4s, specially during Hitchin A Ride (you’ll know when if you’ve heard to song ;P) and stuff like that :D:D:D:D Twas very coolio indeeed :D

In Minority Billie got out his Harmonica and started playing…I rang Soph, so she probably heard it :D It was soooo awesome :D:D:D:D Aaaand, guess what….right, Billie said “we’re gonna make our very own band right here, right now. We need a drummer, a bass player and a guitarist” and he like chose people outa the corwd! Twas sooooo coool, they all played like a simple phrase of music and Billie sang stuff…can’t remember what lmao O.o :P Billie said the guitarist guy could keep the guitar!! :D And the drummer did a stage dive….hehehe :P:P But yeah, that was incredibly cool :D:D:D

The sand Wake Me Up When September Ends…my fave ever Green Day song…:’D I tried to record it on my mp3…teehee :P But it didn’t really work…lol :P But still, it was amazing :D:D Then they went off, and everyone was shouting “GREEN DAY, GREEN DAY” and ENCORE and stuff…they came back and sang Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and Good Riddance :D Good Riddance was absolutely amazing, coz it wasn’t like an acoustic version like the proper song, it was better :D Really truly awesome it was :D And then they went off…:’(

But yes, it was absolutely incredible :’D Best concert EVER, it rocked :) Hardly had any voice when it finished….saw Loz for a last time (coz she was actually on our row! So we were like leaning forward to see if we could see her and we could…^_^ But she was kinda in a different block sooo…was kinda far away) :D Said bye to Loz, seein her next at NFG ~ 12th Feb :D:D:D Tis gonna seriously rock :D Then we went off to find all of Vic and her mates…was kinda chaos from then coz we didn’t find her till about 11 (the concert actually ended about 10:15 soooo) we were runnin around crazily from ages…we found one fo her friends who was tryin to find her too…sooo yeah :D Finally found them…one of them was kinda ill :oS Really cold and shaking…from all the moshing lol :P But she was alright today…:D

Sooooo yes, it was one amazing incredible awesome night out :D Really wanna go back…can’t believe its happened…been waiting months for it and now its all finished…:o( But it was sooo good :’oD


aw0000000ga!!! :D Twas truly and utterly superbs, just amazing :D:D Oh so tired now though.... *yawns* Aah, but it was soooooo worth it :D

Meh, I better go...homework to be done meh >:'( Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x0x0x0x0x

current mood: So ploffely, yet oh so tired..

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Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
11:23 am - Heeyyloooo there....
Heeyy dudes :D How is we all today? Good I hope...

*does ploffle dance* Teehee...did a new more extended ploffle definition...


n. a state of random hyperness ad. to be ploffely. v. to ploffle, ploffle the cheesemuncher

muhgagagagagagagag >:) *eats cheese* TOMORROW! omg, sooooo hyper, cannot wait...^_^ :D

DAMN, geography & maths homework needs to be done...:@:@:@ Coz won't be able to do it tomorrow...:D :@ Mehness...

Neeeed to make some icons...will have a go now :D:D:D But haven't got Paintshop...only paint lmao :P So they'll probably be rubbish...teehee :P

current mood: PLOFFELY!

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
5:02 pm - 3 DAYS DUDE!!! :D:D:D
*is exceedingly excited about Green Day*

Heeyyy ho diddley o :D Today at school, was alright O.o Meh, had Flute but teacher didn't tunr up, which is very annoying indeed...buuuuuuuut got Orchestra tommorow, and it said we were playin LotR on the letter thing!!! :D:D:D w000000t *is excited* Got all the LotR music anyway, so shouldn't be too hard LoL :P:D

*listens to Greenday ~ Holiday* OMG, can't beleive I'm seeing them...O.o :D:D:D:D

Okaaay, people who read this will have absolutely noooo idea hwat I'm on about...hehehe :P:D

(8) I beg to dream and differ....(8) :D \m/___(O.o)___\m/ <<
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<lil [...] man!>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

*is exceedingly excited about Green Day*

Heeyyy ho diddley o :D Today at school, was alright O.o Meh, had Flute but teacher didn't tunr up, which is very annoying indeed...buuuuuuuut got Orchestra tommorow, and it said we were playin LotR on the letter thing!!! :D:D:D w000000t *is excited* Got all the LotR music anyway, so shouldn't be too hard LoL :P:D

*listens to Greenday ~ Holiday* OMG, can't beleive I'm seeing them...O.o :D:D:D:D

Okaaay, people who read this will have absolutely noooo idea hwat I'm on about...hehehe :P:D

(8) I beg to dream and differ....(8) :D \m/___(O.o)___\m/ <<<lil weird rocking man! lmao :P

Gah, that dictionary Splattio sent me about his place...tis very odd O.o Flist? Hehehe :P

Well I g2g, my sis wants to go on...meh >:( Need to make some icons and stuff, put some picture onto this place ^_^ Seee yarz x x x

current mood: Windswept...O.o

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
4:30 pm - Heeeyyy diddley ho
Just come back from schoolio...all wet O.o Meh rain * spits * I hate it...


Only got one friend on here...I'm such a loner...:( LoL :P SPLATIO! :D:D:D You need to tell me more about this place...I feel a bit lost...lol :P:D

Eeuurrrrghh, Crazy Frog...*gets out axe* *destroys* My god, that thing is.....eeurgh

Yes ^_^ Need to do my Art, meh >:( Then got Music Practise....OoOoOoOooOo

Duuuuuuuuuuuude :D I make no sense at all...but oooh well :D

current mood: and wet...

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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
7:53 pm - Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddeeee!!!
Heeeyylloooo there! :D Okay, this is my first ever entry...tis all kinda confuzzling to me at the moment O.o But yes....this looks sooo cool :D:D Splattio told me what to do kinda, sooo :D:D:D:D

miffy_lou...hehehe :P Weird name...but oooh well :D Miffy was already taken..:P:P:D *does dance* (is exceedingly ploffely*

current mood: PLOFFELY

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