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My account...:'oD

* G r E e N d A y *

Seriousy AMAZING last night, absolutely incredible…:o| Just…too good for words really :P ^_^

Weelll…we set off at about 6:15 ish, got there at about 6:45 I think…when we got there, we had to meet up with Vic my sister and all her friends coz she wanted us to take their bags and stuff off them, coz they were standing soooo…yeah, we got all their coats and bags O.o There was kinda loadz, we had to carry them round with us meh >:o( but ooooh well. Yeah, then we met up with Loz, we found her in her seat :P Went to the loo, and just hung with her for a while :D Sooooo cool…^_^ Then we all went to the merch stall…I was gonna buy some awesome gloves, like the ones with no ends to the fingers…but they sold out :o( Meh…so brought a…um “Lanyard” or whatever…tis a stap thing you put round your neck with you keys or phone and stuff on, very cool indeed :D Says Green Day on it, with the heart grenade thing…:D\m/ It rocks…got out of the queue, and realised New Found Glory had started playin O.o LoL, so said bye to Loz, we’d meet her at the interval thing, and ran to our seats :D

NFG were soooo incredibly awesome :D Seriously cannot wait to see them again in Feb :D:D:D They sang: the first song…couldn’t work out what it was coz we kinda came in late and were too busy getting to our seats to listen :P LoL. Understatement, Failures Not Flattering, Head On Collision, I Don’t Wanna Know, Better Off Dead, Dressed To Kill, one I didn’t know…and then Intro staright into All Downhill From Here :D \m/ Twas soooo awesome, but the best thing is, my sister and her friends met them!

Right, they were in Birmingham before, just goin round the shops…and Vic saw them in Superdrug! Lmao :P She said one of them was buyin some mints for his breath…hehe :P But yeah, they chatted to them and stuff…she said they were really nice ^_^ :D Soooo wish I’ve gone with them with Haff….meh >:o( But ooooh well, sounded like fun :D:D:D

Sooo, after NFG we went off to find Loz again, and we just hung around for a while, met some of her mates who were comin to see NFg with me & Loz…^_^ Then we went back not our seats and just waited for Green Day…I phoned Soph :D Told her that Simple Plan weren’t supporting…:o( But I said I’d ring her in more songs :D:D:D She had a chat to Haff, then we just waited…

And when they came on….omg, it was just amazing :’D I seriously couldn’t belive it was them…Billie Mike & Tre :D Billie was wearin his black shirt and red/pink tie (like in the American Idiot vid), Tre his black shirt and white tie (like in the vid aswell) and Mike his kinda black vest top and black trousers with the red stripes down the legs (like in the vidoe aswell me thinks! :P) Absolutely amaqzing…the first song they sang was American Idiot, which got everyone going :P And then they sang more songs off there new one; the whole of Jesus Of Suburbia, Holiday (I rang Sofa for the whole of it :D) the Are We The Waiting, and St Jimmy :D Then they sang Longview and various other songs I can’t remember in order: Brain Stew, Basket Case, She, King For A Day, Hitchin A Ride, one I didn’t know…O.o Minority, When I Come Around, Wake Me Up When September Ends, and probably more but I can’t remember…O.o

I took quite a few piccies…:D:D:D A lot kinda happened during the performing lol :P Billie got out 2 water pistols and started sprayin the crowd :P Then he got this guys up on stage to help him…heheh :P Billie also did a stage dive, but no-one really caught him O.o all these people were like pulling at him ,and when he was back on the stage he’d lost his tie and his shirt had all come undone…very nice chest :D He went and put a zippy hoody thing on, which was cool :D We did loadza “Oi oi oi”s and oooooeeeeaaaaa things…which was fun :D And loadza 1 ,2 , 1,2,3,4s, specially during Hitchin A Ride (you’ll know when if you’ve heard to song ;P) and stuff like that :D:D:D:D Twas very coolio indeeed :D

In Minority Billie got out his Harmonica and started playing…I rang Soph, so she probably heard it :D It was soooo awesome :D:D:D:D Aaaand, guess what….right, Billie said “we’re gonna make our very own band right here, right now. We need a drummer, a bass player and a guitarist” and he like chose people outa the corwd! Twas sooooo coool, they all played like a simple phrase of music and Billie sang stuff…can’t remember what lmao O.o :P Billie said the guitarist guy could keep the guitar!! :D And the drummer did a stage dive….hehehe :P:P But yeah, that was incredibly cool :D:D:D

The sand Wake Me Up When September Ends…my fave ever Green Day song…:’D I tried to record it on my mp3…teehee :P But it didn’t really work…lol :P But still, it was amazing :D:D Then they went off, and everyone was shouting “GREEN DAY, GREEN DAY” and ENCORE and stuff…they came back and sang Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and Good Riddance :D Good Riddance was absolutely amazing, coz it wasn’t like an acoustic version like the proper song, it was better :D Really truly awesome it was :D And then they went off…:’(

But yes, it was absolutely incredible :’D Best concert EVER, it rocked :) Hardly had any voice when it finished….saw Loz for a last time (coz she was actually on our row! So we were like leaning forward to see if we could see her and we could…^_^ But she was kinda in a different block sooo…was kinda far away) :D Said bye to Loz, seein her next at NFG ~ 12th Feb :D:D:D Tis gonna seriously rock :D Then we went off to find all of Vic and her mates…was kinda chaos from then coz we didn’t find her till about 11 (the concert actually ended about 10:15 soooo) we were runnin around crazily from ages…we found one fo her friends who was tryin to find her too…sooo yeah :D Finally found them…one of them was kinda ill :oS Really cold and shaking…from all the moshing lol :P But she was alright today…:D

Sooooo yes, it was one amazing incredible awesome night out :D Really wanna go back…can’t believe its happened…been waiting months for it and now its all finished…:o( But it was sooo good :’oD


aw0000000ga!!! :D Twas truly and utterly superbs, just amazing :D:D Oh so tired now though.... *yawns* Aah, but it was soooooo worth it :D

Meh, I better go...homework to be done meh >:'( Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x0x0x0x0x
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