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(the Big Gig = a gig thing we had at our school on Wednesday night with loadza really weird and random artists there...was quite cool really :D Really good fun...:D)


Twas last night at our school…we had loadza random artists round singing…it was all for charity which was cool :D But yeah, over all it was really quite good! :D Soooo much fun, even if some of the people there were kinda rubbish lol :P

Sooo yes, kicked off at 7 ish, Last Man Standing came on first (btw, if you’ve never heard of any of these people, don’t worry...I haven’t either lol :P Only these guys go to our school sooo…I kinda know them :P) They were pretty good…although they sounded sooooo much like Blink 182 O.o The second song they sang sounded exactly like Stockholm Syndrome by Blink, which wasn’t too good…and the lead singer sounded exactly like Tom (it coulda been Tom voice! It was just sooo much like it) Buut yes..they were cool :D They had awesome gear though, the Bassist (who was obviously a Mark wannabe lol :P) had an awesome Pink Bass (like Marks \m/) and had a Blink sticker on it…and he had Blink socks!!! Wahey, they rocked :D:D And Tom guy (he’s actually called Tom!!! He looks soooo much like him LoL :P) had an amazing guitar…loooaaadz stickers on it: Blink, Famous Stars and Straps, Atticus and all that, it rocked :D:D Got a Last Man Standing badge tooo…Lann found it for me on the floor lol :D Buuut enough about them…

Next was…um…I can’t really remember an order lol :P There was a girl called Charlotte who went to our school I think…O.o She was ok, sang one song. Then Phil Upton came on (he’s the presenter of BRMB ~ the radio station in Birmingham) and said…he’s very cool :P The HOLAH I think came on…they were ok, kinda weird though :P Then it was Excess 2 or something…a really weird name O.o They were ok again…then Dragon Heart were on. Now they’re kinda a lot bigger so you might have heard of them, got some weird bloke form Brookside in it lol :P They were better, although 2 of them /really/ couldn’t sing…then the Glitzy Girls. Now they were weird…that’s the point were everyone got up to dance and stuff at the front, so we got up for a laugh :P Twas funny…lol :P

Thheeeen D-Rail came on (you might of heard of them…they’re in the charts at the moment I think O.o) and they were better (still like reallly cheesy pop and stuff…lol :P) and this was the point where I was extremly hyper and was really trying to get one of the guys from D-Rail to look at me…:P Jumpin up and down screamin, waving my cap everywhere…lmao :P One of them winked at me twice ^_^ But the others didn’t…lol :P Sooo yeah, they were alright :D

Theeeeen The Noise Next Door came on :D I learnt all their names!!! And I could tell the difference between them….hehehe >is proud< They were very good :) Craig kept looking at me and Haff….wahey :D:D:D They sang Lock Up your Daughter, another one of theirs and Calender Girl :P Really quite cool they were :D I touched Ed’s hand ^_^ wahey :D And Scott threw out his drum sticks…I didn’t get them meh >:o( :P Then it finished…

Buuuut afterwards, The Noise Next Door and D-Rail came to do some sigin, which rocked :) Got a D-Rail signed leaflet thing LoL :P Then me & Haff were at Ed TNND, and Haff said “So you like Greenday?” and he was like “Yeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” and we said “ooooh we saw them on Sunday!!!” and he said “woooow, coool!” then I showed him my Green Day hoody I had with me…and he was like “woooww!!!” and he jumped onto the stage and held it up! And waved it around and stuff!!! I was like O.o :D:D:D:D Twas soooo funny….but soo coool!!! LoL :P

Then we were at Scott in TNND, and we’d saw that he was wearin a Famous Stars and Straps sweatbadn, so we were like ooooooh coool! And I was wearin my FSAS cap you see….you Haff said to him “hey, d’ya like her hat?” coz we thought he might like it…havin the same sweatband and all…and he kinda stared at me, looked me up and down a few times lmao :P And said “are you a fan of Good Charlotte by any chance?” And I was like “eerrrmmm…kinda, why?” “Oh, coz of ya hat and your t~shirt and stuff….” And we were like O.o He musta got really confused lol :P Coz I was wearin my Atticus t~shirt sooo…I dunno lol :P Heheh, and he signed Haffa’s card thing “To Haff” lmao :P:P wahey :D:D:D

Buuuut yes, twas soooo much fun overall :D Even if there were kinda weird artists there…really good fun :D:D Aaand sooo happy!! :D HE HELD UP MY HOODY! :P Hehe
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